Spotted at C&C Magazine!


Ups se nos había pasado… ¡Salimos en la revista C&C MAGAZINE de Julio/Agosto! Esta vez con un artículo muy recomendable dónde la “colgada” Gina Carreras nos habla de qué es el movimiento Slow Fashion y cómo aportar tu granito de arena :) ¿Quieres leerlo?


Oops we have been distracted… We’ve been spotted at the July/August C&C MAGAZINE! This time with a very interesting article written by the «hanging» Gina Carreras where she talks about what the Slow Fashion movement is and how to bring your bit :) Want to read it?

Are you part of the SLOW FASHION MOVEMENT?

«Slow Fashion is a sustainable fashion movement to support small business and fair trade.»

For all those who do not know this term I’ll explain it in a way so that you may know if you feel identified or not. Slow Fashion is not a season trend that comes and goes like a «crop  top «which is a must-have this season. Slow Fashion is a sustainable fashion movement that is gaining impetus. It is the alternative to mass produced fashion,  choosing craft products to support small business, fair trade and garments made locally. 

There are also other actions that make us  become «Slow Fashionistas», as buying used or vintage clothes. In this case, we will not only be fashionable in a more trendy way, but also we are supporting this movement re-using garments. In my case and I think in many of you, we are unconsciously contributing with more practices to this cause, only by the fact of donating all your clothes you no longer want when you change closet. Don’t forget the creative minds that instead of giving the garments once they have gone out of fashion, they reinvent them and create new designs from old relics. And for those who still do not feel in connection with this «echo» alternative, another way to provide our bit, would be reducing clothes consumption, buy less clothes and less often. Who will deny that in times of crisis consumption has not diminished? Well, now you have a reason for cheering, since at least you support the cause and help make the world be a little better. 

Personally, as a designer, blogger and women fashion consumer, I  try to make the most of this topic. The various points that I have explained, I have them in mind when trendsetting because I think it is important to leave a good planet Earth legacy to future generations. As a fashion professional, I have created an «eco» philosophy brand in my Georgina Carreras Barcelona handbags firm, designing my products with natural fiber fabrics produced on an ethical and sustainable way. Producing all in small craft workshops in Spain supporting fair trade without child exploitation. And above all, creating quality accessories that last longer, with a classic timeless style that transcends trends and can be a basic for many years. 

Do you feel identified? Now you have the tips to support this cause for a better «echo» World.

Gina Careras is a designer ( and blogger from

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post by Gina Carreras

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